Philippine Red Cross gets Australian Aid assisted specialised ambulance units for COVID-19

Australian Aid assisted PRC Ambulance.

The Philippine Red Cross (PR has now the first-ever “Negative Pressure Ambulance” fleet in the Philippines with six fully-equipped specialized emergency vehicles currently in operation. 

According to Philippine Red Cross, Safety Services Manager Mr. Von Ryan Ong,  the “Negative Pressure Ambulance” units will be valuable assets in fighting highly communicable diseases especially during these times when we are battling the COVID-19 outbreak. It serves as another layer of protection as it protects patients and our EMTs (Emergency Medical Technician) from cross-contaminating one another.” These vehicles are equipped with tools such as a negative pressure cabin and a patient isolation chamber, which lowers the air pressure, disinfects and filters the air.

These “Negative Pressure Ambulance” vehicles are the first in the country, PRC Chairman and CEO Senator Richard J. Gordon said regarding the new additions to PRC assets, “the Philippine Red Cross will be using these emergency vehicles together with a dedicated and specialized EMS team that will focus on responding to COVID-19 emergencies. It can also be used for future outbreaks of communicable diseases. This reinforces Philippine Red Cross’ true mantra of Always FIRST, Always READY, and Always THERE.” 

These specialized vehicles are part of a donation from the Security Bank Corporation, Australian Aid, Bloomberry Cultural Foundation and PAGCOR.


Australian Aid assisted PRC Ambulance.

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